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Limited Submissions

Limited submission funding opportunities are those where the sponsor limits the number of applications Northwestern can submit. Research Development manages the institutional process, including through the Limited Submission Advisory Committee. The vice president for research is the institutional nominator and has the final authority to select a nominee.

See our list of Limited Submissions by connecting to VPN (if off-campus) and logging in with your NetID.



I just became aware of a limited submission funding opportunity. What should I do?

Please check the Limited Submission Opportunities page to determine whether the opportunity has been announced to the Northwestern community. If the opportunity is not listed, please contact Research Development as soon as possible.

What do I need to submit for a particular limited submission funding opportunity?

Each limited submission announcement includes the deadlines (date and time), description of the required internal components, and the process for submitting the application electronically.I missed the internal letter of intent deadline. Can I still apply for the opportunity?

Applicants must adhere to all posted deadlines to participate in the limited submission process.  If you missed the deadline, you may communicate your interest for a particular opportunity to Research Development.

I am a research administrator. How can I get limited submission funding opportunity announcements?

Please send an email to Research Development and request to be added to our list.

Can I contact Limited Submission Advisory Committee members for feedback on my proposal review?

No. Please contact Research Development  if you would like to receive proposal feedback.