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Research Development

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How Research Development increases your impact

Research Development is a dynamic field focused on strategic, catalytic, and capacity-building activities designed to elevate research, particularly within higher education institutions. We empower faculty by enhancing their ability to secure extramural research funding and by fostering crucial partnerships.

In today’s complex funding environment, Research Development serves as a pivotal resource. We offer unique insights and essential coordination, providing programmatic support that is typically unavailable within individual research teams. This ensures that your research initiatives are well-guided and successful.

Research Development differs from Research Administration

Research Development and Research Administration are distinct yet complementary disciplines. While Research Administration focuses on the operational and administrative aspects of proposal development, ensuring compliance with institutional and funding agency policies, Research Development enhances the quality, impact, and competitiveness of research projects. Our role is to provide strategic programmatic support, helping researchers navigate the complexities of proposal creation and fostering innovative, high-impact research endeavors.