Grant Proposal Development

The Office of Research Development (ORD) provides project management and programmatic support to help investigators in the complex process of developing and preparing large grant proposals, such as NIH P30, P50, U24, U54; NSF Science and Technology Centers, and NSF Engineering Research Centers.

Please contact Nicole Moore, Director of ORD, to schedule a consultation. Here is a list of support services we provide:
  • Proposal Development Process

    Don’t have time to manage the proposal development process? ORD generates a “roles and responsibilities framework” and a “project timeline” for all scientific and administrative team members at the start of the proposal development process. During proposal development, ORD will monitor progress and notify specific team members of any upcoming action items and deadlines.

  • Facilitate Team Communication

    Effective team communication is essential during large proposal development. ORD works with the PIs to set up concurrent team meetings for the scientific team, administrative team, and outreach/education team. ORD coordinates team meetings by using Doodle polls, sending calendar invites, setting up AV conference meetings, preparing an agenda, and writing and disseminating meeting minutes. Leverage ORD’s experience to identify best practices for file sharing and interactions between external partners and internal resources.

  • Strengthen Proposal Content

    Ask ORD for technical or strategic input to help strengthen the proposal content at any stage during the proposal development process. At an early stage, ORD provides a "writer's outline" based on the FOA description, requirements, and sponsor evaluation criteria. We guide the conceptual development and writing of proposal elements such as vision, administrative core, management plan, education/outreach, or data sharing plan. ORD strategizes with PIs about conveying the overarching theme, strengths and weaknesses of proposal elements, overall integration of center components or partners, and incorporating feedback from reviewers. ORD offers developmental editing of proposals at each stage of the proposal development process.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to send proposals to ORD for final review at least 7 days prior to the sponsor due date for a thorough review.

  • Coordinate "Red Team" Review

    Large proposals are required to undergo "Red Team" review. A "Red Team" is an independent group of experts (or senior faculty) that reviews the final draft for: scientific merit; completeness and persuasiveness; and how properly it is weighted to the sponsor's evaulation critieria. ORD will work with the PI to identify and invite internal and/or external reviewers, provide honorarium, and facilitate the review process. A final draft should be submitted to the "Red Team" no later than 3 weeks before the sponsor's deadline.

  • Support Site Visit

    ORD assists faculty in the preparation and organization of site visits. This includes setting up facilities, refreshments, handouts, AV equipment, agendas, and organizing a “mock” site visit rehearsal.  For reverse site visits, ORD helps faculty prepare "white papers", presentations, and setup meetings with federal agencies in coordination with the Office of Government Relations.