I just became aware of a limited submission funding opportunitywhat should I do?

When you find a funding opportunity where the number of applicants per organization is limited, please check the Open Opportunities page to verify if ORD is currently holding a competition. If the opportunity is not listed, please contact Nicole Moore, Director of Research Development, as soon as possible.

What do I need to submit for a particular limited submission funding opportunity?

Each limited submission funding opportunity is sent via email to a targeted list of faculty and department research administrators, central administration, and is posted on the Open Opportunities page. The announcement includes a list of deadlines, required components for the opportunity of interest, and the process for submitting the application electronically.

I am applying for a limited submission funding opportunitycan I get a copy of a successful proposal from the previous year's competition?

Unfortunately, Research Development does not have a copy of such proposals. However, we would be happy to work with you, and in the case of foundation funded proposals, with Foundation Relations, to obtain a copy of a successful proposal from the PI.

What time is the internal proposal due?

Internal proposals should be uploaded to NITROCompetitions by the specified time, CST, on the date listed as the deadline for internal proposals in the limited submission funding opportunity announcement.

How do I submit my application to the limited submission funding opportunity I'm interested in?

Within the funding opportunity announcement are explicit instructions for submitting applications. These instructions include a naming convention for the file, which file format to use, and how to upload it to NITROCompetitions.

Do I have to submit a letter of intent to enter into an internal competition?

Letters of intent for internal competitions are mandatory. Research Development requests a letter of intent to help discern the scale of the competition and to determine whether the standing Limited Submission Advisory Committee will require supplementary expertise to review the applications.

I missed the internal letter of intent deadline—can I still apply to the opportunity?

As stated above, submission of a letter of intent is mandatory. If you missed the deadline, you may communicate your interest for a particular opportunity to Nicole Moore.

I am a research administratorhow can I get limited submission funding opportunity announcements?

Please send an email to Research Development and request to be added to our list.

Can I contact members of the Limited Submission Advisory Committee to get feedback on the review of my proposal?

No. Applicants will receive feedback on their proposals via email, regardless if they were selected by the committee as an institutional nominee or not.